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Stable block  with internal grill 10ft x20ft wooden skids

Come with:

Windows full opening (with mesh)

Door full opening (top door and bottom door)

Galvanized hinges

Roof Purlins 4x2 CLS Treated Pressure

Cladding Shiplap Treated 125mm x 19mm Nominal

FRAME 3x2 CLS Timber Treated Pressure

Anti-chew Strips on the top bottom door only.

11mm OSB KICK-BOARDS 4ft ( OSB panel around the bottom half of the stable)

Internal grill 

Wood skids

Black Original Onduline roofing high-quality

Skylight Roof in each unit

Apex Roof 

Approx. around 2- 3ft overhang

Galvanized nails

Pad bolt

All hinges/ pat bolt locks is galvanized metal to safe any rust problems

Available at additional cost:

Make mobile (galvanized metal skid)


Metal Roof

Plexiglass Windows

OSB Line :Tack Room, Hay barn, Shelter, Storage

Galvanised Flashing

Additional Anti-chew

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